The theater guidelines listed below have been established to meet the needs of our residents. Your cooperation and adjustments to your performances will be greatly appreciated.

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No smoking (including cigarettes, cigars or electronic cigarettes) is permitted outside of the theater or anywhere else as this is a smoke free property.

Videotaping is done from the booth of the theater ONLY (please notify our Technical Director Steve Cohen in advance if you plan to do so). No flash photography is allowed.

Children under the age of 18 will NOT be permitted into the Clubhouse and/or backstage areas at any time, unless they are contracted entertainers. Please be aware that shorts are not permitted in or around any of the clubhouses after 6:00 pm.

All performances have been contracted to run a MINIMUM of 75 minutes with a MAXIMUM of 90 minutes. Our preference is for you to not exceed the 90 minutes since our bus service is pre-scheduled. If, however, the performance will run longer or if there is an intermission, please advise us in advance.

• Please be aware that the first few rows of each theater are set aside for our visually and hearing impaired residents.

All requests for guest tickets must come from the agent or performer prior to that night’s performance and must be made during normal business hours. Two (2) comp tickets are available for each performance all others must be paid for.

Rehearsals and sound checks must be completed one hour before the show starts. If you need the theater at an earlier time, we will make every effort to accommodate your request if we are given at least two months prior advance notification.

Animals (unless part of the performance and agreed upon in advance), flammable materials and foreign substances are prohibited.

We require that all performers selling merchandise to leave 2 samples of each item being sold at each venue with our emcee. Please keep in mind that we do not take a percentage of your sales and these items are for our records and/or given to someone who may have purchased damaged goods. We are not able to supply someone to sell merchandise.

Please call Kittie Midkiff at (561) 451-1227 during our normal business hours Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm if you have any questions or need special arrangements. If there is an emergency after our regular office hours, you can reach us by calling the following numbers; please make sure you call in this specific order.

Abby Koffler Cell  – (561) 312-9940
Kittie Midkiff Cell – (954) 805-3854
Steve Cohen Cell – (561) 239-6727

Century Village West Palm Beach 
200 Century Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Century Village Boca Raton
19296 Lyons Road
Boca Raton, FL 33434
561-451-1227 (p)
561-883-2624 (f)

Century Village Pembroke Pines
13300 SW 10th Street
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027

Please direct all correspondence to 19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434

West Palm Beach

Technical Specifications

Updated 7/1/2017


Proscenium width 62’

Proscenium height 11’.5”

Width including wings 66’

Depth from proscenium 18’

Depth from apron 24’

Stage height from house floor 3’.5”

Composite flooring on marine ply. 2235 square feet total area

3- 78’.5” black/grey matte Harlequin reversible Marley dance floor

Throw from FOH booth to thrust apron 100’


A.D.A. compliant ramp backstage

A.D.A. compliant lift from house floor. (max load 750lbs)


Main curtain center opening, motor-op. (12 sec fly speed)

1 adjustable black mid-stage traveler

1 adjustable black up-stage traveler

1 up-stage white scrim


3 total, just off stage right & stage left

All dressing rooms are Male/Female star(s) with vanities and private toilets


Retractable 144x256 movie screen, downstage, 20’ wide x 12’ high

Christie DW6K projector- 7000 ANSI lumens. FOH Draper SL12 projector lift, booth control

Oppo BDP-105D


1- Clear-Com MS-232 intercom main station

4- Clear-com RS-601 with CC 95z


Listen Technologies LT-800 transmitter 72 Mhz.

41- LR-300 receivers w/ single ear-bud

11- LA-166 Neck loops


ETC ION 1500 with 2 X 20 fader wings V 2.5.2

(FOH booth control)

(12 scene preset sub-master in stage-right wing)

48 Strand C-21 2.4k dimmers

All circuits 3pin stage plug


46- ETC Source Four w/ gel template. 750w.

17- ETC Source Four Parnel w/ gel template 750w.

4- Altman Spectra Cyc 200

4- Martin MAC 350 Entour

10- Martin Aura

Follow Spots (Booth)

1- Canto 2000w follow-spot w/ 5color boomerang

1- Lycian 1272 Stark lite II


1-Yamaha M7CL-48 digital mixing console V3.56 (FOH booth control)

1- Yamaha MBM7CL meter-bridge

1- Yamaha PW800 redundant power supply

1- Yamaha SB168 ES

Output Patch

OMIN 1-7 = Mix 1-7, Omni 8 Subwoofer mix16, Omni 9 booth monitor, Omni 10 record out left, Omni 11 Record out right, Omni 12 matrix four- assistive listing, Omni 13 balcony delay, Omni 14 Center mono, Omni 15 left, Omni 16 right

1- Symetrix SymNet 8x8 DSP V10.

1- Tascam MD-CD1 mini-disc/compact-disc player

1- Marantz PMD 510 Cassette Deck


3- EAW AX396 main speakers, LCR.

Powered by 3 QSC PL4.0 amps.


4- EAW JF80 balcony delays

Powered by 1 QSC PL3.4 amp. 3

Atlas SCS-8R power sequencer

Lowell RPC-420PT power distribution


Seven discrete mixes, from FOH (booth)

2- EAW SM15fx 15” floor wedges

4- EV T221M 12” floor wedges

2- Klipsch KSM12 floor wedges

2- Yamaha SM12iv floor wedges

Powered by 7 channels of QSC PL3.4 amps.


2- Shure SLX wireless handheld w/ SM58 & BETA 87A heads. Frequency H-5 L-4 J-3

1- Shure ULX-D4Q frequency range H-50

4- Shure ULXD2/KSM9HS frequency range H-50, 534-598 MHz

1- Shure UR4D+ with 2- UR2D with Beta 87a capsules frequency range G1 470MHz-530MHz

2- Shure UR1 body packs with 2 Shure WL-185 capsules or 2 DPA 4088 headsets

1- Shure UA844US active antenna distribution system with 2 UA 870USTV active antennas 470-698 MHz

8- Shure SM58. (2 switched)

2- Shure KSM 32

4- Shure SM57

2- Shure SM81

1- Shure BETA 52A

2- AKG C451B

3- Crown PCC160

3- Sennheiser E 604

1- DPA 4099P

1- Shure Beta 58A


100ft audio sub snake w/ 8 XLR inputs, 4 TRS inputs

1 Radial J48 D/I

1 BSS AR-133

2 Whirlwind EDB1 passive D/I

2 Whirlwind IMP-2

2 Whirlwind Director 2

2 Whirlwind PCDI

32 XLR mic inputs on stage 4

Assorted mic stands, cables and adaptors

12 Manhasset music stands w/ dedicated clip-lights

4 Manhasset fourscore music stands


Yamaha C-7 grand piano with artist bench, for stage use only

1- Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar

1- Fender American Standard Precession Bass Rose Wood

1-Takamine GD71CE Acoustic/Electric guitar

1-Mapex M-Birch Fusion drum set w/8”,10”,12”,14” toms, 14” snare, 22” bass drum,

Sabian B8 cymbal pack w/ 16” crash, 20” ride, 13” hi-hats,

Set of Zildjian A Custom Cymbals

14” A custom high hats

16” A custom crash

18” A custom crash

20” A custom ride

Tama HT-30 throne, Remo Coated Emperor heads

1-Fender Twin Reverb reissue blackface guitar Amp.

1- Fender Hot Rod DeVille III 4 X 10

1-Ampeg SVT CL bass amp

1-Ampeg SVT810E bass cabinet

1-Yamaha MotifXS8 88 key with Yamaha FC-7 volume pedal, Yamaha FC-4A sustain pedal

1-Peavey KB5D keyboard Amp

4 – 4’ X 8’ X 18” risers


1 house technician to operate sound mixer, lighting controller, follow-spot.

Tech/house available 2 hours before show time. (earlier load-ins available on request)

House doors will open one hour before show time. All sound checks must be completed by then.

Theater seating capacity: 1219

We do not have laundry or catering facilities on-site and no shore power.

We have a clothes steamer, iron and ironing board, and two clothes racks.

Auxiliary power mid back stage 100 amps, bare terminal lugs, 240 volts.

A 275’ snake is needed to reach front of house position

Load in via 36” wide X 79” door

For Additional Technical Information, Please Contact:

Steven Cohen – Technical Director

Century Village Theaters

19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434 5

Office: 561-451-1227

Cell: 561-239-6727

Fax: 561-883-2624


For Further Booking Information, Please Contact:

Abby Koffler – Vice President, Entertainment

Cenvill Recreation, Inc.

19296 Lyons Road, Boca Raton, FL 33434

Office: 561- 451-1229

Cell: 561-312-9940

Fax: 561- 883-2624




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