As promised, until we can safely re-open the theater, we are ready to entertain you at home with a wonderful selection of performances by some very talented and exciting artists. 

CV At Home Series offers free video performances that you can view right on any device that has internet service – your computer, tablet and smart phone. During the week you will receive an email announcing the video performance along with a short description. The following day you will receive the viewing internet link at 8 pm. This video performance will then be available for viewing for the next 48 hours. We hope you are enjoying our At Home Series as much as we are.

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CV At Home Series Presents Sharpe Family Singers, tomorrow, January 23rd at 8 pm with a 46 minute performance.

Ron and Barbra Sharpe met while performing in the Broadway production of Les Misérables and after numerous performances, decided to tie the knot for real. Their family has grown to include two adult children, grandchildren and friends who all perform together in concerts around the country. They are so popular that on social media they have over 350 million views! In this video they bring you Broadway show-stoppers as well as songs from the Disney Songbook and the movie, The Greatest Showman.

We will email the link tomorrow at 8 pm for viewing which will be available for the next 48 hours.